• Minecraft Package Manager v2.0

    Warning: The program is no longer being developed. I left this page as a memento.

    MPM - a simple program with broad functionality for quick and easy installation of the popular game Minecraft, and mods to it.

    A distinctive feature of the program is that you do not need to install the components required for the job - it will make the program itself.

    You are still in the old fashioned way to install a mod manually copy the files to the folder with the game, after the crash games are check to the META-INF folder was deleted or not can install Minecraft or mods? Let it make the Minecraft Package Manager!

    Pre-generated proven algorithms will carry out the necessary operations to achieve the desired result.

    You only need to press the button "install", to deal with that even five-year child.

    Besides using MPM can be turned on and off versions, backup, even has its own minimalistic launcher with the ability to change the name of the game folder and display news on new releases Minecraft, interesting mods and MPM.

    Get this remarkable program right now!